Intel’s bad ads

It’s interesting coming at this post late, since intel when these had come out intel hadn’t made all it’s big announcements.

In fact it’s really strange in hindsight that these appeared when they did. Only 2 weeks after the new CEO started, and two weeks before he announced radical changes to the business? We’re these approved by his predecessor, or some interm president of some kind?

What’s crystal clear from watching these ads is how scare intel is of apples move. Not just because they lose the Mac business. But because they know apple is a leader here. They can afford to lose apple to custom arm chips but what happens when other pc makers follow suit?

This was a love letter to pc makers, they need them to stick with intel and not follow apple down the RISCy path.

Luckily it seems intel now that intel is now happy to make any kind of chip, including arm ones. And even bridge packages including a mix of intel IP and custom allowing makers to build a bridge to the new world together with intel instead of fighting against it.

So then why run these ads if they knew that was the plan? I’d love to know more.