Conflicting expectations

This is a concept I’ve thought a lot about over the past few months of parenting our adopted son. On one hand we know how dysfunctional his biological family was so that should make it easier for us, anything’s better than that was right?

But on the other hand he’s been in care for almost 4 years and lived in 13 homes during that time. All that time has had him dreaming about what an adoptive family would be like. His favorite shows by far are family comedies, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Modern Family, and most of all the Goldbergs. He was addicted to that show for months, binging ever episode every chance he got. It wasn’t because of the 80’s nostalgia which was the only reason i ever tolerated it, for him it was about the family dynamics. The family had conflicts and issues in every episode but it always worked out perfectly in the end. Love always won the day no matter how bad things seemed to be. That’s what he thinks family’s should be.

So on one hand just being present with him, feeding him and taking good care of him should be more than he could have ever expected, but on the other anything short of a TV family is sure to be disappointing to him.