An iPhone Bundle?

The big question posed in this episode is if apple will in fact add the iPhone to the new Apple One. At first it seemed like they would but then when they announced the bundle a couple of weeks ago I and a lot of folks gave up hope.

But if you look at how they list pricing for the iPhone on their website they already push the monthy costs over the flat fee, so how big of a leap is it to bundle it with the services?


So if a base line iphone 11 is $29 a month and an individual apple one plan is $14.95 I could totally see folks, myself included, getting excited about paying $40 a month for everything!

I could see pricing ranging from $40 a month for the smalled regular iphone 12 all the way up to $70 a month for a pro max with the premium services?

Sounds pretty compelling to me, not really sure why they wouldn't do this? Right?