Microsoft and Tik Tok

I’m a little late getting to this one. It feels like years ago that the new about Trump banning Tik Tok then Microsoft seemingly coming out of no where to buy them. But I’m looking at Castro and this podcast is listed as just 5 days ago” Crazy.

There’s been a lot said about this and a lot of development that came up after this episode and a lot of different takes on all this. There’s so many different angles to take, let alone opinions to have on the deal that its tough to know where to start.

One of the sides is just thinking about this as a regular business deal, why would Microsoft and Tik Tok want to do this, what does this mean about the future of the platform, how much is a company like Tik Tok these days especially considering the fact that I dont think they make any revenue at all right now, I dont think anyway.

And lastly there’s the China side. Will China give up TikTok without a fight? Was there any real danger of them using it the way we are thinking they could use it? Or maybe we’ve just given China all these fucking free ideas. They hadn’t even considered using a social network to spread propaganda until now. So now the next version of Tik Tok they build will be the one we dont see coming.

Then of course theres the Trump side. God damn it Donald. This was a hard enough story to wrap your head around already. Spreading your shit all over this fucking thing just dominates your brain. You spend so much time mad at this guy that theres nothing left for real rational though on the issue.

This article is a great example of this. I’m now going to spend the rest of this article talking about one thing TRUMP. And any energy I have completely wasted and completely missing the point.

The big question really is would any of this been an issue if he wasn’t President? He made `jina` such a big target of his campaign that its hard to imagine anyone else would have had more reason to poke at china. Add COVID-19 to that and it will truly be amazing if this is the worst of what we should expect between them, even with an election 3 months away.

There s so much more to say about this but I need to get some sleep, seems like tomorrow I got to try writing during the day tomorrow and see how that feels.