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Episode Notes

  • 50% more ram in the pro models
  • Apple never talks about ram
  • ProRaw is pretty great and not surprising that it takes more memory
  • Looks like ProRaw is "marketing spite" but its a real limitation
  • what is this? Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and BeiDou only in the 12 but i dont think anyone talked about this?
  • Nickle and diming on the charger but a good move.

Reasons to buy an iPhone 12

As usual when these events come up I have to play this game where I feel like I have to justify buying a new phone for reasons other than "I want the best phone". This year is no different but I think I have a more compelling case than usual even though my "old" phone is great and will easily last another couple of years with no problem.

Magsafe is so fun

I have had more than a few occasions where I left my phone on my nightstand and woken up to a totally dead phone. In covid times my phones battery life isnt that big of a deal since i dont really go anywhere but theres some hope that next year will involve leaving the house more often 🤞. So with the nightstand i could revert back to a plugin charger but magsafe charging seems like the best of both worlds.

I hadnt thought about it until John and Ben mentioned it but the face that magsafe isnt also a data pipeline light lightning is makes me feel even more convinced this is an ideal solution. Add to that magnets are just fun and there will undoubtably hundreds of third party accessories for this. Even the magnetic wallet that apple makes looks really appealing. All and all I think The Verge got it right when they said Magsafe is the biggest reason to buy a new iPhone 12. Even things like Pop Sockets start to seem more fun and less clunky.

The start of something mini

I've been one of those people begging Apple for years to make a smaller iPhone, and now its finally here. Sure its not quite as small as I wanted it to be but its a big step. And its not an afterthought either, its a top of the line phone. Apple will be watching the sales numbers closely and we be deciding weather or not to continue making mini phones based on how well it does. Its not like me buying it or not will tip the scale but much like voting for president every dollar is a vote and every vote counts.

I'm excited for Apple to continue to try and make these phones smaller, yet still useful, cause unlike my 10 year old son my hands arent getting any bigger and I still struggle to do simple things like hit my wife's name at the very top of my favorites list with one hand.

Other Reasons

Sadly the other reasons to normally want to upgrade the phone aren't as compelling to me this year. The performance gains, 5g, and "ceramic shield" all seem nice but aren't much.

I'd actually be losing a bit of ground on the camera front since my current pro also has the "telephoto" lens but i dont really use that that that much do I?

But I think this is enough. Count me in line for a preorder of the Blue Mini next month!