Today was an interesting day. I started the day returning to our non-camp summer day routine of playing basketball in the mornings with him. He’s always excited to go to the playground at first. But after 10 minutes starts bitching and moaning about either: how hot he is, how much he sucks or all of the above. Today had a particularly strong showing from both Orlandos. He lost his video game time over swearing but all-in-all not that eventful of a morning.

Then we went back and got the bike for him to do some laps and I swear something just clicked. This was a big step for him. I’d taken him out on his bike dozens of times before this but always just in the giant empty Brooklyn Museum parking lot. The playground is a completely different experience. Its just chaos over there. There’s four courts of lots-of-airball basketball, really short kids on scooters, and the skateboarders, so many skateboarders. All of theses things are desparetly competing for the same single city block of concrete.

But the kid handled it like a champ. He stopped anytime someone was in his way, keep a fun but not to fast pace, and laughed at the skateboard that ends up under his tire. He had so much fun, more fun than I’d seem him have in a while actually. And it was a calm fun, he enjoyed riding and was talking about going back this evening all day, but he was never over the top about it like he usually is about video games and tv.

So we went back again this afternoon and we rode for another hour and he didnt want to leave. This kid begs me to leave after 10 minutes of basketball, but an hour of riding in a circle by himself and I have to drag him away. I’m not really sure what that means something.

Maybe biking is his thing, and if he likes riding like this so much I feel like I should get the kid a BMX bike at some point. Or maybe he just liked being at the park. Despite my best efforts he didnt actually talk to any other kids his age but they were there. Maybe he just liked watching them and being around them. Maybe that mix of a little bit of physical and social effort just clicked for him.

I feel like those moments are big moments for me as a father. Those days make me feel like my son is really coming into focus for me. The picture is still lacking any detail but theres an outline of something there and I’m really excited to work to color it in with him.