All Out of Rhythm

Episode Notes

  • Rhythms have been thrown off all year
  • Its like driving in England, everything is extremely nerve wracking
  • Days might go by where you don't hear from trump
  • How much of what you do is subconscious and its underrated how exhausting it is to have to make all that conscious again everyday
  • Apple Event
    • New Apple TV, high powered for games?
    • Tiles posponed
    • Homepod Mini
    • iPhones, with the mini
    • Did they give up on the homepod and apple tv? why?
    • Will it come with a controller?
    • Gave up home to Amazon?
    • Why not have a wifi router?
    • Apple Tv+ premium space to take over HBO?
    • Why did Apple give up on the home?

      I dont even remember when I bought our current apple tv but it was quite a while ago. It still works but its always more frustrating than it really feels like it needs to be. Outside of my phone its clearly the piece of technology that we use the most, especially with the kid here.

      It would be an easy decision to upgrade but I worry that Apple just doesnt really care about this space anymore. I was looking at the most recent Roku and Fire TV options and even the new Google TV and they seem to be compelling. The problem is none of them are a clear homerun either. Theres a mess of channels available since the Roku doesnt have HBO max or maybe that was amazon and it makes me feel like I need to do my own breakdown of the pros and cons to make the best decision.

      What was always exciting about apple before this is as an apple customer you felt like you didnt have to all that work. You felt confident that Apple was making the best version of X so you almost never even considered another product.

      Maybe its good that Apples options arent compelling, maybe I need to break out of my apple bubble and see what Google is up to here. Its not like its a $1,000 investment, I can always switch back if i hate it.

      We'll see if Apple can impress me tomorrow, but im not holding my breath.