Larry David and Instagram

A lots changed in the few months since I last wrote one of these. The biggest bummer is that they are down to two days a week now, but in all honesty maybe that’s a more sustainable rate for me to write as well. They also stopped tweeting for some reason so no more preview embeds.

I’m going to completely ignore the Larry David bit because I haven’t seen that video. I did spent 30 searching for it and of course apples forced folks to take it down so all I could fine was a little clip. All I can say is comedy is hard.

As for the Instagram bit I enjoyed this and Ben’s longer weekly article on it. Some people are still holding onto this idea of what Instagram was when they first joined and the truth is that it was always evolving pretty rapidly.

Evolving an extremely popular product like Instagram is a tall order but even the biggest cermudgens like John have to admit that have done a pretty good job.

Facebook is a utility and Instagram is entertainment is a good way to put it. How long to I know none of the people I see on my Instagram feed personally, my guess engagement wise they are already pretty much gone.

My real question, will we ever see an Instagram app for the tv? I hope we do.