Roblox is not a platform that I have paid much attention to. From a distance it was always more of a lower tech version of Minecraft or Second life. The way Ben described it here however makes it seem a lot more compelling.

Its a game engine thats a lot easier to use and empowers “regular” people to make games because its so limited. The constraints are a benefit here.

They also got me wondering about parental controls which after looking into it seem pretty good. You are able to control and monitor your kids accounts and the have existing filtering systems to prevent you from sharing your real name or other PII easily with folks you might chat with.

Maybe I was wrong about Roblox and I should be considering it for Orlando. The lingering issue is that its no on the Nintendo switch so that means we’d have to load it on his iPad for it to work but we have already agreed the ipad is for school and only school. Anytime we let him install anything on that thing thats not school related it abuses it.

Hopefully theres a way to share it with him before he’d to old to appreciate it