Clubhouse and Contacts


  • Requiring Access to Contact to invite folks is smart
  • Bootstrapping a social network on the contacts api
  • The first Airpods Social Network
  • Its much more like talk radio than podcasts, its a different feel
  • Two questions:
    • Is this a valid way to build a social network?
    • Does this idea have legs?
  • Invite only forever?

Clubhouse isnt for me

Theres been so much clubhouse hype latley that I cant help but continue to try it. But honestly outside of a single conversation about AI featuring some big wigs at Google I havent really found it all that interesting.

To me I cant really think of much where Id want it to be live and unproduced in this way, outside of maybe news and sports? Maybe i just haven't found anything interesting yet? But even then wouldnt i rather it be time shiftable so I can live my life around it instead of the other way around?

I do think its an interesting idea but I dont see this lasting as a stand alone app. I see it being a feature rolled into twitter and facebook, much like periscope was and eventually fading out in the shadow of apps like twitch cause why not add video? So count me as bearish on clubhouses changes as a stand alone company. Someone will try to buy them for sure and I hope everyone involved makes a lot of money but this isnt a stand alone business long term.

As for the way to build a social on top of the contacts api I dont personally have as much issue with this kind of thing as others do. Im find sharing access to my contacts if it helps me build out my networks AND I have some assurances that they arent going to be spamming people from my list. As far as I can tell they arent messaging any of those folks directly at all, they just use that to find people already on the network who I know AND to suggest folks that I should personally invite. That seems totally reasonable and smart to me.