The COVID Blackjack Hand

Episode Notes

  • Super-spreaders complicate everything. They exhale a lot of it at once.
  • We are setup to deal with a flu outbreak but not this.

Does anything matter anymore?

I havent tried to write abut COVID really yet, so here goes. This whole episode with Trump getting COVID is clearly big news but its unclear, like most things, if it will change anyone’s mind about it. Unless he dies or gets really really sick I fully expect Trump to declare victory over the virus and claim that he was right all along, its no big deal and we should all just chill out.

But there must be some Trump supporters out there who have had friends or family die of the virus, right? There must be some and how will they react to this kind of statement. Sure Trump may be getting better but thats because he has access to the SOCIALIZED MEDICINE available at Walter Reed Medical Center. But will this callousness towards their dead family members actually anyone off?

The real question isnt his diehards, they are coo coo for Trump and they want him to be king for life so they aren’t going to let a little thing like reality get in the way of that. But in order to win some reasonably smart Republicans have to vote for this guy right? This is why I think folks like the Lincoln Project are our best hope.

Will stuff like this work?

I continue to believe if Trump does lose he will lose in a landslide. I have to continue to believe that dam will break at some point if we continue to push on it.