Ben’s Android Review

Episode Notes

  • Mobile OS wars are very much still a thing
  • Sony expiria with the latest android OS
  • Android apps are garbage relative to iOS
  • Mac always had independent developers that care a lot about refinement
  • Mac is HBO in a world of broadcast TV
  • Critism isnt directed towards individual developers, its management, clearly they arent committing the same resources into both the iOS and android. They spend more money there because they make more money there. Management of what’s keeping android down.
  • Don’t let your developer design your app. It will look terrible and complicate
  • There are developers that can do both and they tend toward macs because thats where that work is appreciated.

Design and Development

This is a topic thats much more in my day to day warehouse than most of what they talk about on Dithering so I’ll likely have a lot to say on this one.

Kinds of development studios

  • Development only
  • Deign and development
  • Design lead development
  • Small bespoke developers who have designs skills

That last one is what Familiar always wanted to be and that was very much in conflict with my more business lead approach. That’s not to say I sold out, we only worked with arts organizations and non-profits, these aren't places rolling in dough.

I think the selling proposition that I was on the verge of formalizing was that we were just like the rest of your staff, if your organization was bigger you’d have someone just like me on staff full time. But you dont have full time needs, you have part time needs. But you always need someone you can count on, someone who always has availability. It’s that first part that makes us unique, we only do work for organizations we believe in and that means we believe in the work you do as much as you do.

But my partners on the other hand considered our competitive edge to be a craftsmen like attention to detail, every pixel color and and animation considered. But thats not the only way to increase quality or maybe more importantly value. No one in their right mind thinks the web couldn’t benefit from from more developers. There isnt a company in the world that doesnt wish they had a bigger tech budget.