Summer Camps

Summer camp has been an interesting learning experience for all of us. We all have been so cooped up these past few months the idea of him spending the day in the part with other kids his own age was something we had been looking forward to for weeks now.

It’s felt surprisingly normal to drop him off and have the day to ourselves. But I still feel like I haven’t figured out how to best take advantage of all that time. So here I am, writing my first parenting post.

Originally the plan was to just have him do four weeks of camps then have six weeks off with us at home. We decided to add two more camps to the mix so now he has 6 weeks of camp and 4 weeks off. He’s already done 2 of those none camp weeks so its really only two weeks left. Considering how much time we had been spending together the past few months it felt right to tip the scales a bit more in the other direction.

My biggest concern with all this “school from home” madness is the socialization he is missing out on. I’ll leave my thoughts on how much he is “learning” over zoom for another post but one thing he isn’t getting any of is time with the other kids. They “chat” a bit in the google meet before the teacher gets there in the morning but its nothing like recess or lunchtime with his friends. He’s an outgoing kid and even if he doesnt realize it he really needs to be around other kids his own age.

When I pick him up from camp he doesnt usually have all that much to say about it at first. That’s not surprising honestly, kids his age never really want to talk about their days. He is always in a good mood and that says all I need to hear honestly! He’s never really fought against the idea of going back or even the idea of adding more camps to his summer plans. This is even with him knowing that camp days mean less fortnite time. That’s pretty amazing from a kid that literally got into a fight with Amy about Cheerios this morning. This kid will argue about just about anything but he’s never really fought camps.

So problem solved right? It’s the perfect summer? He camps, I write, everyone wins. Now the concern is will we have enough time this summer before the slog of the fall hits us in the face. Will these single serving friendships be enough for Orlando to sustain him through the rest of the 5th grade in what is sure to be a school year from some sort of dystopian science fiction novel. Will I look back on this time and feel like I didn't take enough advantage of it or will I feel proud of what I was able to accomplish and confident that I’m pointed in the right direction going forward?

Only time will tell I guess.