Baseball and the Elam Ending

Episode Notes

  • Little League Vibes from the World Series last night
  • No clock changes the game
  • Elam Ending, 42 minutes, winning score = current score + 11, that way you always end on a basket, not a buzzer
  • There didn't used to be a three point line and that dramatically changes the game.
  • Professional games don't look like pickup games and thats a problem


Its kind of amazing that its taken this long to have a sports episode. Its interesting because as a new sports fan you dont really think about how the rules of the game have changed over the years. Small changes to the rules can make a big difference to how the game is played.

The three point line wasnt added to basketball until 1979, which also just happened to be the rookie season of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. How different would their legacies have been if that rule change wasnt made.

Thinking about rules inevitably makes you think also think about the role of the ref. I can remember how often a call by the ref was clearly wrong and how much of an effect on the game that had. Micheal Lewis has an amazing podcast all about this subject called Against the Rules that I highly recommend for anyone who is curious to learn more about why why they are so hated by the fans and why anyone would want a job like that.

Growing up I thought sports were just for jocks, and I was the short scrawny kid so why would I ever waste time even watching sports let alone playing them. But the older I get the more I realize theres so much more to sports than just the physical attributes and abilities of the players. Especially with basketball there real is so many layers of things going on and I understand and appreciate the obsession way more than I ever though I would.