Im worried about what today marks the beginning of. I havent heard much of the response from Apples event today but I can honestly say i was blown away. They painted a vision of a world world where computing is always with you, not just immersion but full on augmentation. the next evolution of the phone.

The eyes are the the tell. They know that looks crazy today. But they wanted to put it in to make the point. You arent going to take these off to talk to other people. You arent going to take these off ever.

Of course that is not going to be possible with the hardware they start shipping early next year. It has 2 hours battery life and a phone sized battery pack. But we all know how these things go. How long until we get all day battery life? 5 years?

And how long until they figure out how to make the screen transparent so they dont have to play all those camera tricks. As someone who combined an LCD screen to a projector to make our first projector, it seems doable? 10 years?

Once you cross those two thresholds the computer and the person are indistinguishable from each other.

And Apple is going there with their eyes wide open.

So when in my fifties this will be my life. Is this what i want?

Why does this scare me so much?

The use cases they showed are compelling. I mean who wouldnt want one of these on a flight?

I could also see them being better than my iPad for work stuff right? Maybe some things i still need to sit on my mac for but working from the poach is supercharged with something like this, even in its current form. Right?

What about doing this thing that Im doing right now. Writing is better in this universe too right? And when im done writing this im going to sit and watch tv which would also be better with the headset if im honest.

But what about shared experiences in real life. We already have to do deal with people hiding in their phones instead of taking to you at the bar. And people who wear AirPods all day at work.

This future is coming faster than we think. They aren’t going to be able to make these things fast enough. They put out the price being $3,000 in advance to make $3,500 feel premium, its a pro model before the regular model is viable. But there will be a consumer version of this for $2500 in a year and one that costs $1000 in a decade. Hell facebooks cost $500 this year.

Resolution is key. If people can do their jobs in this they will.

But what happens to NY when this becomes the way we all work even more than it is today. If we hadn’t just been through Covid we might not be ready for it but now we are full on ready. We are diving head first. With our eyes wide open.