On the Go

Coming back to fill in this gap episode.

Episode Notes

  • USB Followup
    • USB mic feedback, USB on the go cable
    • USB is so confusing: Special cord when you need to flip host/slave
    • Lightning is way better than USB-C, always works
  • Microsoft/TikTok Followup
    • Yahoo japan is an example of a tech company that could be a model for Tiktok if Microsoft just buys TikTok in the USA. But its unclear if Microsoft would be buying the whole thing
    • Key Money: Mafia, very nervous to take away a business from a company. National security is a real issue. Be very clear and use reluctant messaging.
    • He always does this stuff in public
    • Trump offering to help at all is a bad thing, cause it also means he can hurt businesses.
    • This is terrible for Facebook, making this kind of thing a norm will tell other countries that this is something thats ok to do. It’s clear that other countries will come for facebook for sure.
  • Phill Schiller is becoming an apple Fellow
    • All in or not in at all
    • Smooth succession with Jaws

The Trump Experience

It’s funny that this was the episode that I missed writing about the first time around somehow. It’s a month old but it was as fun as ever to listen too. I particularly liked the criticisms of trump in regards to the key money.

Key money is a dated term used in real estate transactions. It's money a prospective tenant would pay under the table to a landlord, building manager or even another tenant to secure a lease. Think of a middle school bully demanding another student's lunch money in exchange for safe passage.

It really is amazing that hes just so used to this concept that he’s completely missed that its totally illegal. It’s something everyone does all the time, its no big deal. And its just not just a technicality in some law this shit really matters.

It’s extortion, literal taking of money and returning nothing in exchange. It’s rent seeking, its taking the money just cause you can, because you are powerful

For those die hard trump folks do you think they really understand this side of him? Hell its not even a side, Trump has no sides. He has a front and thats it. He’s an entitled winey little bitch. He thinks he deserves everything good thats ever happened to him. Not just deserves but is entitled to it. Not just entitled to it but owed it.

If trump supporters could be made to understand and believe that, could they still justify voting for him? Would they have to deny this true to maintain that loyalty?