Time Flies

Episode Notes

  • Interesting Event
  • New Watches
  • New iPad Pro
  • Apple One Bundle was a ? but seemed pretty likely
  • Apple Fitness is a clear watch tie in
  • Nice to have a smaller simpler event and can do them more often since its all virtual
  • There was a this series of press releases on three days in row and it really got folks excited
  • Apple was in a bit of a rut with these announcements and maybe this is a good reset for them
  • iPhone will be late but its ok cause these virtual events are easy and dont need advance notice
  • Watch
    • New straps
    • Better always on screen, much brighter
    • Always on screen is a big game changer, never got used to not have the time always on
    • Like the iPod, very apple specific product
    • Watch is an even better gift than the phone
    • Still selling the series 3, to hit the price point
    • SE will be $199 eventually and will be around for a while
    • SE = SA = stick around edition
  • not much to say about iPad
  • Apple one
    • $15 individual, $20 family
    • not all a cart
    • news has a marginal cost
    • fitness should not have any marginal cost and should be part of the default
    • Why is fitness treated like news+, trainers speak english
    • Apple vs Peloton
    • Peloton is an apple like company

Apple One and Fitness

I missed watching this event live. I was actually thinking of watching live it with my son but Im glad we missed it actually. Not because it wasnt a good event but in hindsight theres very little in here that was for me or for him.

Im unlikely to this new iPad or new watch although the watch is more compelling to me than the iPad because I still really wish mine had an always on display. My apple watch is 2 years old now so not so crazy that I'd be in the market for a new one. Sometime to come back to for sure.

But the more compelling product that they released at this event is the bundle. It seems like my current spend is right around the same price as the bundle.

Current Subscriptions

NameMonthly Price
News +
iCloud Storage (200 gb)

And the "Family" plan is $19.95 but doesnt include News+. The big question is I currently also pay for Spotify and Pelaton which takes my total to over $50.94. Add in dropbox and its now $62.93. Replacing them all with an apple one permier subscription has a number of benefits

  • Separate accounts for fitness without additional costs
  • Save about $30 a month or $360 a year which is about the cost of a new apple watch

Potential downsides would be

  • Would have to migrate my Spotify playlists and liked artists to apple music
  • Would have to migrate my mom and Mike to apple Music as well
  • Migrate all my dropbox files to iCloud (which i should do anyway)
  • Fitness+ may not be as good as Peloton
  • is Apple music as good as spotify is?

Its interesting to think about the benefits of a bundle like this for companies like apple too. Its clearly an easy way to get folks to try services they might not have otherwise. I can totally see how someone using apple musics $14.99 a month family plan would adding TV, arcade, and icloud as a no brainer but who wouldnt really consider those as stand alone purchases.

Still its harder to get users "migrate" to a bundle. Thats whats so amazing about Amazon's Prime. They started with the bundle and just kept adding services and benefits to it, and slowly raising the price. Like boiling the frog. Will apple do the same over time now that they have the bundle? Slowly add new services to it for "free"? Who knows.

For me personally Im not quite sold I think fitness+ is the big question. if Amy and I think its good enough to replace peloton it than it becomes worth it even if we dont use apple music which is very interesting in deed.