The TikTok Circus

Episode Notes

  • Not an easy week
  • App store changes
    • John = Not really changes
    • Ben = two big changes
      • 1 on 1 trainings
      • Mostly on other platforms
    • This isnt their core business, why go out on the limb on this issue
    • Streaming games is a change but
      • At least it aligns with our business strategy
      • Streaming catalogs does conflict the App Store
      • Games are different, they just are
    • Common sense over the line
      • IS it about: Increased revenue or more people using IAP
      • Cause they do believe IAP is a better experience
  • TikTok
    • Kevin Mayer left and it all went to shit.
    • China will not allow them to sell the algoritm.
    • TikTok will not sell to microsoft
    • Oracle will be a “trusted tech partner” to solve the data privacy concern
    • Trump came and said no you have to sell the whole thing
    • Then TikTok comes back and says they are going to have oracle manage their data in the US
    • Basically calling trump on his bluff
    • Give trump an opening where he can claim victory for a change they were going to do anyway.
    • TikTok will not sell or share source code with any US company
    • Oracle deal will not satisfy Ben’s concerns
    • Did the trump administration ever say it was the algorithm? he did say they have to sell the business.
  • Microsoft
    • Didnt sign up for this
    • they saw a huge opportunity. Like a free pass back into the consumer business.
    • Not a firesale
    • Politics were always a huge part of the deal
    • Completely unique
    • Microsoft back out gracefully
    • Didnt appreciate the politics of this enough, lesson learned
  • What to watch for
    • What bytedance says
    • White House needs to way in
    • Sale/No Sale. Data or algorithm.
    • Ban it, judge throws it out, tossed to the next president

It’s easy to forget that Trump isnt just a terrible business man. He is also just a really really terrible business man in a really terrible business.

Literally the worst kind of business man. his whole business is about adding as little actual value and taking as much possible money as possible. Which is just gross when you really think about that. I think thats why people like us all find him so digusting. And maybe thats something Team Trump doesnt really know about him. That he is a leech on the American business man. He’s inserts himself into situations that dont involve him and claims all the credit for any solutions developed and hides from any responsibility for the failures. All the while he isnt adding any real value to anything, for anyone. He is a thin mahogony vaneer on a plastic jug filled with donkey piss. He makes everything he touches worse and yet still gets more “creature conforms” than all of the rest of us combined.

I’d love to find a video of him talking about what it is that he thinks he does all day long. I mean back in the pre-apprentice days. he didnt design anything, he didnt architect anything, he just owned things, and sometimes sold them, and sometimes signed off on other peoples building plans. At best you could call him a sort of “muse to rich assholes”

Microsofts business

This is a huge topic but its one I’m interested in spending more time on. I feel like I have a high level understanding of what the business strategy is for a lot of these companies but I dont really understand the details outside of maybe a company like apple. If i followed other companies the way I did apple. If business executives became my rock stars. That actually sounds pretty fun. But I’d have different measures of success on my scale than what you’d expect. Jamie diamond is not anywhere near the top of my list, and neither is Larry Ellison. It’s not about what they like to call “wealth creation”. It’s not all additive cause I know a for all the people that succeeded in this economy theres a hell of a lot more people who suffered.