Google and the High-end

Episode Notes

  • The Pixel 5 is a bit disappointing as its actually slower than the pixel 4
  • Google long sense given up on selling the pixel or trying to make the pixel the high end phone
  • That leaves the high end android market to samsung
  • It’s interesting that Samsung is really the only large cell phone maker to make the jump to smart phones. Sony technically does but its not really a major player
  • The future was taking computers and making consumer electronics out of them, instead of the other way around.
  • Carriers used to controlled phones until the iPhone and they used that control to have a complete lockdown on what was on the phone.
  • Will cloud gaming become the reason to switch to an android phone?
  • Will there be cloud apps eventually and will Apple ever be open to change?

If not the iPhone than what?

There’s been a lot of frustration towards Apple and its reasonable to expect that some folks are considering switching to android this year. Hell I’d even consider it with the right reasons to do it. Cloud gaming is interesting to me but I worry about that creating the wrong incentives for me, I dont need more access to video games, I need less.

But the problem is there isnt as many options on the high end as their once was. The Sony phone they talk about is interesting but is it compelling enough to redo all the setup I already have on my iPhones? Even Apple hasn’t really pushed the envelope in a while but as a current apple user both platforms being stagnant leads me to just stay with iOS.

I’ll almost certainly get the new iPhone 12 when it comes out but I’m sure I’ll be disappointed when I do, unless its smaller (please god let it be smaller).

I have similar feelings about the Apple TV. I never even upgraded to the Apple TV 4K because once I had a 4K tv it seems like apple would update it anyday but here we are more than a year later and no sign of an upgrade. I could switch over and just use the Apps built into the Vizio TV itself, most of the ones I need are there but a quick once over. Maybe worth giving the tv setup a shot if only to know for sure that I dont need the Apple TV, to make sure I’m actually making the choice to use it instead of it just being a default that I feel stuck with.