Housing Works

Held a number of roles over the 7 years I was at Housing Works.

Director of Integrated Marketing & Technology

Expanded on my role to also include marketing and technology strategy for the four healthcare clinics

  • Expanded tracking in social services including developing a Salesforce based systems to track and analyze our various client outreach efforts and improve our marketing messages.
  • Designed and developed a number of successful direct mail and email campaigns.
  • Ran a series of focus groups with clients and staff on improving messaging and communications strategies that lead to a full scale re-branding of our health care efforts.

Director of Business Marketing

Lead marketing and technology strategy within the newly formed marketing department for all five of Housing Works' social enterprises including the Bookstore cafe, Thrift Shops and Catering Company.

  • Helped to lead the growth of the thrift store from just 4 locations to 12 locations including the first Brooklyn location.
  • Worked to launch & growth two annual benefits that grew to raise more than a million dollars each.
  • Lead a number of major technical initiatives including our new Salesforce.com donor database, an custom online auction site, and a new computerized point of sale systems with bar-coded inventory .
  • Worked on the ground with a partner NGO in Haiti to help them open their first thrift shop using unused merchandise from the NYC warehouse.

Thrift Shop Internet Coordinator

Solely responsible for all online and offline marketing and technology development.

  • Developed, designed and launched an online auction site in Coldfusion which continues to raise more than $1million annually. Built in-store touch screen kiosks for in store customers access the site.
  • Other PHP and Coldfusion projects included a furniture truck pick-up scheduler, and in-store sales reporting.
  • Designed and integrated the identity and promotional materials including store front signage, interior displays, and email marketing which helped grow the number of locations from 4 to 7 during my time in that position