The iPhone 12 Event

Its almost a cliche to say that the Apple event was a bit of a disappointment. I was really hoping for a new Apple Tv but looks like we wont be getting that until next year.

But putting that aside and just evaluating the new iPhone for what it is I think im pretty happy with it. Its very clear that they are overhyping 5G and clearly doing it because the carriers, especially verizon, are paying for it and thats pretty yucky. But even if the iPhone 12's didnt have 5g they would be pretty great upgrades.

The whats old is new again design is exactly what I was hoping for, i still have my old iPhone 5 and it feels amazing in my hand. And theres a "mini" size. After years of so many people asking for it Apple is finally listening. I was disappointed when the new SE wasn't that "mini" anymore but I actually think apple did us small hand folks one better. The SE is clearly meant to be a cheaper phone that only gets updated ever 3-4 years. The new mini however is a top of the line phone and will, hopefully, be updated every year with the latest and greatest specs. It doesnt compromise anything and thats really amazing.

It is of course not as small as I wish it was, but its in the right ballpark and Im hoping its a better balance for my needs.