The Twitter Hack


  • Apple WFH Video
  • The ideological clash between the US and China
  • The Twitter Hack

The started by talking about the Apple WFH video which is a throwback to an older Apple at work video that I really loved. This new one isn't nearly as good as the original but its still a fun video that gives me a lot of the same warm fuzzies about my job as the first one did. It’s sort of an idealized version of what being a part of a team should feel like, and I really like that feeling. Looking back at the last few years at my job tho I dont think its really felt like that in a long long time.

The US - China stuff is go into in more detail in the previous episode which is one thats really been stuck in my mind for a while and would be worth going back to even if this was really meant to be my first episode. But I can say I feel like I need to learn more about china, its already a huge part of my world and there’s no reason to believe that its going to lessen anytime soon.

Then finally the twitter hack was a really interesting discussion and a story I feel like I still need to read more about. There’s this nytimes story that came up here and on the latest episode of the gabfest thats on my reading list for sure. The big takeaway for me is how scary important twitter is to the world. What if they had been able to get control of Trump’s twitter account and they tweeted something about going to war with China? Would have it been able to stay up long enough to trigger a real response? Could they start a war with a tweet? It sounds crazy but this is the world we live in now. I’m usually the guy poo pooing all the security nutbags out there because all those hours spend on security aren’t spent making the product meaningfully better, in fact they almost always make the product worse. But this hack at twitter shows despite how far we have come with two factor authentication, Face ID, etc we still haven’t really solved the security problem and any reasonably large target should remain on alert for the foreseeable future.