Always-on Kevin Systrom

Episode notes

  • Instagram founder is in the running as CEO for TikTok, Kevin systrom
  • Does he need it
  • Does he regret the sale to facebook, seems like bad blood
  • Facebook did all the dirty work for instagram
  • Tiktok has the product, needs the business dirty work to be done
  • Makes no sense at all he would be the guy, its not what hes good
  • Hes a obvious name for someone to suggest who doesnt know what they are talking about
  • Algorithm driven vs social driven like instagram. Censorship is easier in that world
  • Put it in a good position vs facebook and instagram
  • MSNBC was an attempt to make the internet like tv which was the big thing that came before it
  • Original movies were like theater but we realized that movies could be its own thing
  • TikTok is that “passive” and yet personal feed of stuff
  • TV stations used to go off the air at night, closed for the night.
  • TikTok is channel surfing for you
  • Series 6 Apple Watch
    • Review the steel and stretchy loops
    • Not that much technology to talk about
    • 95-100 for blood oxygen is “normal”
    • Doesnt tell you what’s good and what’s bad
    • Health but not an authoritative replacement for a doctor
    • Always on display is brighter
    • What about when you go to bed?
    • It’s really bright when you go to bed
    • New watch has only one display
    • Screen did turn off in the middle of the night

Always on

I’ve been thinking about the watch a lot lately and what I really use it for. I’m out today on my bike and I’m using my watch to track my ride and its great for that, strava or the Apple works outs both worth great and keep track of where and how fast and how long I ride and I really like not having to use my phone for that. But I also sometimes need directions while riding on my bike. Stava has a great routes feature that lets you plan and optimize routes and even compete with others on them. But I cant see a route on my watch, I can only see it on my phone.

So I bought this “quad lock” mount for my phone and i have it on today but I’m not using my phone to measure the ride I’m using my watch, but in this case wouldnt it be better to just use the phone for this? That way I could get directions too but then what’s the point of the watch.

Going the other direction is also interesting because in theory i could leave the phone at home but I still dont have anything with a cell connection besides my phone.

So here I am on the Hudson River wearing my watch, with my phone attached to my bike and writing on my iPad. Three devices just to take a bike ride. That doesnt feel right. Am I better off just getting a “normal” watch cause then it would last for a while and I could always see the time? The lack of an always on display is still very maddening to me and makes me feel even stupider wearing this. But do I want to spend another $400 just to get that feature? Or maybe i should spend $10 and get a shitty regular watch and call it a day? Or maybe I dont need a watch at all?

Kind of a shitty place to be stuck in if I’m being honest? Could I justify the watch by saying that now that its the second gen with an always on display that its likely to be “good enough” for more like 4-5 years instead of the 2 years I’ve had this one? Can i hand me down this watch to my son or my wife so I feel less bad about upgrading?

IF I’m having a really hard time with this decision I know I’m not alone and this is not a good place for apple to be in. But what do they do, they have to keep iterating on the watch and I guess they just hope that at some point it becomes worth it for you to upgrade. Or maybe they dont really care as long as you have some kind of watch they consider that a win. Who knows.