Tech and Monopoly

Episode Notes

  • Why shouldn’t Disney be able to open a theater
  • Everything on the internet is social network
  • Facebook has a monopoly on Facebook type social networking
  • Apple is different because you have no choice
  • No one is forced to use Facebook
  • Facebook is concerning but because it’s big not because it’s antitrust
  • We need new laws

What are the rules

I think we are entering a pretty dangerous time for big tech. On one hand these companies are so big that it’s hard for any reasonable person to say there’s a healthy balance of power.

On the other hand the dangers of overregulation is real and potentially destroy the greatest period of innovation since the industrial revolution.

As I get older I find myself more and more fascinated by history. Not just the past but the idea of what this period will be know as. There’s clearly been an internet revolution but is that revolution just getting started or are we already in the robber barren era of growth. Will Facebook 5 years from now be even more powerful than we could imagine today or will it barley exist.

The hope is that reasonable head prevail and we can find some regulation that will remove all the gross and leave all the good. I do think there is such a thing as too big but I also don’t think that means we need at least 3 of everything either. Facebook is the main social network and that’s unlikely to change but that’s not going to stop something like TikTok which isn’t a direct replacement for Facebook, It expands the market not constricts it.

That’s the goal at the end of the day isn’t it? To find out how to make sure as much of what’s being done by these companies is additive. How much of it is expanding what’s available and how much of it is squashing any innovation that comes from the outside.

Very very curious to see where we go from here.