Been hearing a lot about clubhouse this week, between the weekly article on stratechery and this pod it’s been feeling like clubhouse will be the next big thing.

The timing also worked out because I’ve been waiting for an invite to the app, but while listening to the article I decided to try and get in. To my surprise some random Kyle dude who I never heard of had “sponsored me?” Was just luckily or were folks at clubhouse intentionally widening the next to make the most of this round of attention? Who knows.

So I tried it out. I joined a random room about wellness and I got scared and left immediately because I thought maybe they could all hear me!! But it turns out that no, by default in rooms you are muted unless you are invited to participate, makes sense.

So I listened to a few shows including a really interesting one about AI ethics and explainability yesterday and really liked it. I liked that I could pop in and out of a conversation and the UI was clear and easy to understand. I liked that I could easily see who was talking and click on them and follow them if I wanted to.

I saw the option to raise my hand but was in no position to chime in.