Clubhouse Magic

At this point I’m over Clubhouse and getting pretty sick of talking about it to be honest. Its an interesting idea but I still am not convinced in the “magic” they talk about is really there.

I do understand that live content is just different than recorded stuff, even shows like dithering which i cant imagine use that much editing or retakes. But as a society we have gotten so much benefit out of time shifting our lives that its hard to imagine going back to scheduling our lives around our content instead of fitting content into our lives where it makes sense.

Getting into basketball this past year has changed my perspective on live a bit. Its true that watching a game live is meaningfully different than watching a recorded game. Even without spoilers the idea that anything, anything could happen is always there and keeps you on the edge of your seat in a way that prercorded content just never will.

But will that same magic ever come from me luckily catching some dudes on the internet talking to their phones about something cool?

I dont know that I’ve had my Kubrick stories moment on clubhouse yet. I’ve listened to a few things that I enjoyed but i cant say I’ve enjoyed any of it more than a real podcast. The closeted thing to a live moment was this room where folks were arguing about the NFT platform “foundation”. I guess one of the co-founders was in the room and someone had tried to mint some artwork on there and it failed somehow. He was pissed that it didnt work because I guess the cat was out of the bag on his idea and while he didnt actually lose anything he lost the idea? I guess? I mean it was compelling to hear real life anger and not knowing who was going to say what but also who the fuck cares about NFTs, ugh

Maybe my magic clubhouse moment will come, I havent given up on it completely. But I’m not really looking for it, its gonna have to come to me.