This was an episode that hit me pretty directly and is exactly why I listen to Ben and John specifically. They are both full time writers but also importantly they are writers who run their own publications. That way they get to write whatever they want and dont have to deal with ANY bureaucracy at all.

Both Substack and Medium have been very interesting platforms for me since I started doing this writing but neither one has felt quite right for my needs sadly. Medium is closer and for some reason ive been more nervous about picking that platform because like they said on the podcast it seems like its a little past its prime?

So I ended up here with this hacky solution using notion. I tried using Super this week because it claims to build static pages out of your notion site, how cool is that? But of course it barley works and the bugs are making me feel more and more i just need to bite the bullet and make a new website of my own.

Then again as much as I like the idea of these posts being public im not doing anything to drive anyone to them so no one is actually reading them. I think the idea that they are public is good for me because it forces me to think differently about this kind of writing than I do my journalling but without actual readers theres only so much of that pressure there.

What I really need is to keep doing what im doing here but then once a week publish something to medium and actually try and get folks to read some of it there. I think that is a healthy workflow that feels very doable to me. But then again I did that once and so far my stats look like this.


Not surprising but not exactly encouraging either. But I cant give up after just a single post.

So which one could i post for last week I wonder? Maybe this one?

So there, thats the update to the plan. Once a week on Friday's (today) I'll not only write a new post here on Notion I'll also pick on of the three posts of the week to share on medium and tweet at the dithering.fm twitter account. Medium feels better because it actually is focused on the web and as much as I love Stratechery I never really liked the idea of email newsletters to be honest.

The sky is the limit.