Apple Silicon Macs

I was really blown away by what Apple introduced this week. Sure I was sad I didnt get to see the new “airtags” or whatever they will call them, and even more disappointed that we still don’t have a new Apple TV. But the new macs look really impressive.

Maybe look isnt the right word. The new macs look basically the same as all the old ones did, and even the insides are largely unchanged, including the terrible web cameras. But the thing that did change is make a huge difference. As I read somewhere, it was table stakes for either performance or efficiency to take a pretty big leap forward. But to have them both take roughly 2x jumps is truely remarkable.

Of course theres still a lot of questions about how accurate Apple’s estimates are but still. Jon put it well in here, if they can get it the point where you treat the MacBook more like a ipad, where you dont really consider using it while plugged in unless you have to than thats a huge huge improvement. It makes me think that what I want is an MacBook air too. Hmm.