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Episode Notes

  • Automatic ear detection is better for podcasts than live content like clubhouse
  • Default to no for settings but per app control for automatic ear detection
  • Clubhouse is not even possible to pause and it keeps playing
  • Phone vs email, the advantage is most people on have multiple mobile phone numbers. Should we be doing sms codes for login?
  • Spotify had a big investor presentation including their plans to take over podcasting
  • Exclusive and public podcasts including dynamic ad insertion, megaphone will help with dynamic ads in third party apps
  • Success is just as much about discovery as it is about ad conversation rates
  • Spotify = Netflix for audio. But also want to be YouTube. But clubhouse is tiktok.
  • social rooms are more like a chat at a bar.

Maybe that’s what clubhouse is for

Maybe clubhouse isn’t a replacement for podcasts that you listen to for fun, maybe it’s more like party lines back into the 80s. Or a better way to think about it, it’s an easy way to a group phone call with your friends/coworkers.

It’s not just about conference like panels it’s like zoom hangouts without having to do your hair.

wThis makes me think we should be testing out app these kinds of platforms with the calloquy team? Should we do a meeting via clubhouse? Do I have any friends who I’d love to get into a clubhouse room with? Then it’s like the fun of making a podcast with a friend without any pressure to build an audience