Google Wave

Apps like Notion are fascinating to me. Ever since Google Wave I was always intrigued by the idea of an easy to use but infinitely flexible and shareable document.

While at Familiar I fell in love with Dropbox Paper, we used it for everything from sitemaps to content outline to client presentations. Sadly it seems a bit abandoned as Dropbox itself tries to figure what it wants to be when it grows up.

I think that gets at the heart of what was so appealing about the idea behind Google Wave. Often when I start working on something you aren’t really sure what form it will take. Maybe it will just be a few words that I scribble and throw away, maybe I’ll want to structure a table including right filter or maybe I’ll want to use it to guide a brainstorming session with a co-worker. Or in this case maybe I’ll want to publish it on the web for the world to read and respond to.

The problem is I let my decision paralysis on the form that something should take keep me from doing it all all.

The promise of something like notion is that it can be the go to place for all of this stuff. And the form it takes can evolve organically instead of trying to force something into a specific shape before I even get it started.

So let’s give notion a try, who knows where it will lead.